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March 17, 2014

I left Northern Ireland to go to university in England and have lived in England since, apart from my six-month stint in Rome.  I’m now on something called ‘qualification leave’.  As a reward for finally becoming a solicitor, the firm I work for has given me six weeks of unpaid leave.  Think of it as a precursor to having my work/life balance shattered when I properly start law work in April.

I’ve spent the first week of my leave at home and have one more week before I go travelling for a while.  Hopefully I’ll be able to update this with some pictures from my trip. I’m planning to go to Stockholm, Copenhagen and then Germany before meandering south-east to Hungary and Serbia and then back up to Croatia, Italy and France.

While I’ve been home I’ve tried to make the most of my free time reading, running, cycling and seeing my friends.  It’s been like summer holidays at school again.  I’m still motivated to complete my July 31 goals (run 5k in 19 mins, get back to playing the piano, play two sports regularly, keep my Italian going and read 5 novels).  Here are a few shots from my 11.5k run today.  Pretty different scenery from my Rome running.  I love the Irish coast though running past all the farms can be a bit of a nasty experience for the nose.


The running is going well, improvement is being made at a pretty fast rate but it isn’t difficult as I started from a state of severe unfitness. 

I’ve one week left and then I’ll hardly ever spend time in N.Ireland again.  Christmas, weekends here and there, weddings etc.  Northern Ireland will be missed but I can’t wait to be back in London.

Couldn’t finish without saying Happy St Patrick’s Day to everyone, it’s amazing how well celebrated it is worldwide, makes you proud to be from this small island, even if our reputation is mainly for drinking.

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